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Connectors for Small DC motors/encoders.
19 JUL '06
EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
Connector Kit      CK-1
Price                     $5.00 ea.
The top two connectors meet the 2.1mm wall transformer standard for male and female connectors.  These let you adapt your motor to be run from a wall transformer with ease or provide a quick connect system for 2 wires.

The middle two shells are each for 4 pins and allow you to make two connections, one at each end of your cable.  This gives you what you need to make a parallel cable for the motors or whatever else you may have in mind.  The encoder board has a 4 pin connector for the signals and power that parallel the motor pins.  You can also of course make two cables if you like, one with each shell and 4 pins.

The bottom 8 female pins are for the wires and fit in the shells above. 

See illustrations below for more information.
Available from Radio Shack          One  finished connector                Motor quick connect
other crimpers also work              end with 4 wires                           ready to connect to motor
                                                                                                    and power