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Tiny Motor Kit, Kit, Kit, Kit.  This is s KIT.
DC Motor with Encoder etc.
Assemby required
12 VDC  to 24VDC PWM operation.
18  Mar '06
Ready to be assembled and run, these motor offer a tremendous value for those interested in just plain experimenting and those interested in building tiny, very fast, responsive and sophisticated robots.

This is a very inexpensive motor for those interested in developing controllers to run motors with optical encoders. 

The overall dimensions of this motor and encoder combination are about
1.625 inches high
1.00 inches wide
2.00 inches long

The kit uses a 12 slot encoder   Output shaft is 0.125 inches in diameter 0.375 inches long brass.  From the base to the center of the shaft is 0.625 inches. Motor alone is 0.6 by 0.8 by 0.98 inches long

Motor draws about 70 milliamps and can be run from a 5 VDC supply if needed.  (Power draw and torque on DC motors is directly proportional to the load on the motor and the Voltage supplied.)

Note:  There are no buffers and signal amplifiers for the encoder signals on this motor encoder to keep everything as small a possible.  You have to clean up the signals and provide schmidt triggers.  Expect to drive one TTL load per signal.  Encoder needs 5VDC and ground.

I reserve the right to change the motor supplied if this particular motor become unavailable at a reasonable price.
Cute! Dynamite deal.
Connector Kit      CK-1

Provides two four pin encoder connector with pins and housings and a male/female power connector to simplify the connection of the motor to the controller and the motor power supply.
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Price                     $4.00 ea.
EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
$8.95  Ea. for the kit. $10.95 with fine encoders
Brass plate is provided unbent and undrilled.  You have to modify it to serve your needs.

Kit is provided either with coarse or fine encoder and the suitable detector module. Both sets are shown on the left but only one set will be provided. Motor provided can vary as supplies become available.