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Encoder Reader Assemblies
10 Jan 10
Two types of encoder wheel readers are available.  One reads the low slot count encoders and the other reads the high slot count encoders.  These readers are designed to match the encoders that EncoderGeek makes.  They will also read other encoders that match the slot pitches that EncoderGeek uses.  They will read linear encoders but EncoderGeek does not at this time provide such linear encoders.

The two readers look alike but the reading modules in them are different as is required to match the pitch of the encoder slots.
ENCRDR-1     Reads wide encoder slots                                
ENCRDR-2     Reads narrow encoder slots                             
ENCRDR-1Kit      Reads wide encoder slots                             
ENCRDR-2Kit      Reads narrow encoder slots                         

Encoder board assemblies need 5 volts and ground and put out two quadrature signals at TTL levels.  Signals are buffered and will drive  5 TTL loads.  You have to provide schmidt triggers if you need them to clean up the signals.

The three LEDs annunciate the presence of power and the condition of the two signals.

Boards are 1.00 inch by 1.75 inches
Mounting holes are 0.8 inches apart and will take 4-40 screws (0.125 inch diameter)

Motor connections are to attached small DC motor. Can be soldered tor use the termiinals provided.

A 4 wire connector kit is available.
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                    Front of boards                                                Back of boards                                      The encoders that the boards read
narrow                     wide
Encoder wheels are available in three sizes and two densities.
Encoder disk Pricing.
Diameter   Holes     Price
        Model Number
1.00             12           $3.00        ENC 100-12
1.25             16           $3.50        ENC 125-16
1.50             20           $4.00        ENC 150-20

1.00             26           $3.50        ENC  100-26
1.25             35           $4.00        ENC  125-35
1.50             42           $4.50        ENC  150-42

All include a  loose hub.  Hubs can be provided with an 1/8th inch hole.

If hole is not requested a blank, loose hub will be provided.

Max hole size is 5/32  inches
Six different encoder disks are available.  The smallest encoder have a 3/16  inch hole in them.  All other have 1/4 inch holes.

The encoders at 1.00 inch, 1.25 inch and 1.50 inches in diameter

Note:  Standard hubs are provided with encoders.  You can make you own or..... You can order custom hubs from me when you know what dimensions you need.  Send a sketch for a quote.  A custom made hub is $5.00.

Encoder plate slot counts are 12, 16, 20 and  26, 35, 42 slots per plate.

Chemically machined stainless steel construction.  Steel hubs.