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Encoders.  Wheels for use in encoder assemblies that you fabricate and create.
07 Jan 10
Notes on encoder wheels.
Six encoder wheels are available to allow you to make encoder assemblies of your designs.  Wheels are made of 0.008 inch and 0.032 inch thick stainless steel.  Accurately machined wheels make it easier for you to make encoders of your design. 

Comparison of the two large encoders. 

These encoders are 1.5 inches in diameter with 0.25 inch central holes. 

The left encoder has 42 slots and the right has 20 slots. 

If you are writing a control loop is is easier to use the 20 slot encoder on your motor.
The six different encoder disks that are available.  The smallest encoder have a 3/16  inch hole in them.  All other are 1/4 inch.

The encoders at 1.00 inch, 1.25 inch and 1.50 inches in diameter

Note:  Hubs are not  provided with encoders.  You can make you own or..... You can order hubs from me when you know what dimensions you need.  Send a sketch for a quote.  A custom made hub is about $5.00.

Encoder plate slot counts are 12, 16, 20 and  26, 35, 42 slots per plate.
Diameter   Holes     Price
        Model Number
1.00             12           $3.00        ENC 100-12
1.25             16           $3.50        ENC 125-16
1.50             20           $4.00        ENC 150-20

1.00             26           $3.50        ENC  100-26
1.25             35           $4.00        ENC  125-35
1.50             42           $4.50        ENC  150-42
If you order encoder wheels only and I can mail them in an envelope, there is no charge for postage and handling.

My experiments indicated that wheels like these are much easier to use than wheels with hundreds of slots in them.

The small number of slots in the encoders make it easier to write control loops because there is more time between the edges that have to be read.