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07 Feb '09
EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
Large Motor with belt drive Gear Box.  (14:48 reduction ratio.)
Approximately 500 rpm output at about 12VDC.  Very powerful unit at 24VDC.  Output shaft is 1/4 inch in diameter and is easily removed for machining.  It can be positioned at any position, in or out, within the mechanism.  Very durable design.  Solid construction.  Everything can be taken apart and reassembled with ease.
Motor can easily be flipped 180 degrees to position encoder board on inside.

Reinforced 1/4 inch wide belt.  Center to center distance is adjustable.  Plates are 1/8 inch thick.  Sealed ball bearings on each side of output shaft.  Reinforced plastic gears. 

Very quiet and smooth operation.
Photographs show prototype.  Expect slight variations in production models.

Ideal for powerful robots and small, serious small CNC machines.
$69.00 each.

Overall dimensions:
Length              5.50 inches (excluding shaft)
Width               3.125 inches
Height              1.50 inches
Shaft diameter  0.25 inches
Shaft length     2.50 inches
Encoder dia     1.50 inches.
Gearbox is also available without the motor and its encoder.  $35.00
Shaft can be moved in and out as desired