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Model 75 Controller.  For DC motors up to 3 amps at 55 VDC
This Controller is made in the USA by Encodergeek
7 Feb  '09

Read and understand the information about the Model 100 controlller.

The Model 75 controller is the production version of the Model 100.
It is the same as the Model 100 controller with the following items removed.

    The 4 mode selector switches
    The 2 programming selector switches

This  makes it a programmable production controller for use in applications where you know what you need and once it is finalized you dont need to change it all the time.  If you need to modify the program you can still do so.  A good technique is to buy a Model 100 for all your experimentation and development work and then use Model 75s once you know what works for production purposes.

Since it is completely programmable you can use it instead of the Model 100 but for development work the Model 100 is much easier to use because of the display.

$85.00 each