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Model 100 Controller.  For DC motors up to 3 amps at 55 VDC
This Controller is made in the USA by Encodergeek
10 Jan 10
A start up kit  that contains the items you need to start experimenting with the Model 100  is being provided at no charge to the first customers.  It contains the following:

3 microswitches
20 inches of hook up wire
One small DC motor
A 5K linear potentiometer

You will also need the following:-
A wall transformer to provide 9 to 16 volts at 0.5 amps for the logic power and a wall transformer to provide about 1 amp at 13 to 24 volts for the motor power.  Old 24V laptop power supplies with a 2.1 mm positive center terminal work well for motor power.
The Model 100 controller is by far the most versatile small motor controller on the market at this time.  Every aspect of its operations is completely programmable by the user.  No restrictions.  8K of memory.  20 MHz operation.  It comes completely preprogrammed.
Model 100               Price $99.00 Ea.
As received from the factory  this controlller is ready to use.  It can be controlled in any of a number of ways as may be required by the  user.  These include the following:

1 Control from a potentiometer
2 Control from a  voltage of 0-5V
3 Control from an R/C servo signal
4 Control from a PWM signal
5 Control from a frequency
6 Control from a Pulse length

The controller can provide upto 3 amps (6 amps peak) at upto 55 volts DC continuously to a DC motor.

The following features are implemented
Programmable 2 lines by 16 characters display that will allow you to look at and monitor whatever you want inside the controller.
The LMD 18200 chip is internally protected against heat build up
Left microswitch connector
Right microswitch connector
Emergency stop switch connector
Programming connector (10 pins)
Two programmable LEDs
Logic power in 2.1 mm coaxial (+center)
Motorpower in 2.1 mm coaxial (+center)
Motor power out connector
On board power supply regulation
2 programmable potentiometers that can be read and changed in real time.
4 selector switches
2 programming switches
4 pin encoder connector
PIC 16F877A MCU running at 20 MHz
Power indicator LED
Connectors for potentiometer
Connectors for computer fed signals
3 pin connector for R/C cable
Common ground connector
Main power switch

The  controlling signal is fully programmable
The response to the controlling signal is fully programmable.
The sensitivity of the controls is fully programmable

All the code in the controller and the encoder circuitry is provided a on a CDROM.  The manual is provided on CDROM

My Notes on the  Model 100 Controller

The real power of the controller is that you have complete access to programming this controller. 100%.  No limits.  This is the geek's controller.

I designed the Model 100 after carefully reviewing what was available on the market and internet. 

There was no controller on the market that was specifically designed to be 100% programmable by the user.  No controller that would do what YOU wanted to do in the way YOU wanted to do it when YOU wanted to do it.

The Model 100 is designed to be completely programmable by the user and will accept any number of the 40 pin PIC microcontrollers.  You can  program it to be as simple as an ON-OFF controller for your motor or as sophisticated as a closed loop controller that will completely control a motor with an optical encoder. 

It comes with a number of useful  programs already programmed and is completely usable as received without any modifications. 

On the other hand if you are into programming, every pin on the 16F877A CPU can be used as you see fit and with the integrated LMD18200 provides the ability to drive up to 3 amps at 55 volts.  You can run some serious motors!  Now you can get it done!

Your imagination is the only limit on what you can do. Everything is all hooked up and ready to go.
Legal notce: All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Actual controller provided may be cosmetically different from the prototype controller shown here.