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Inexpensive Small DC motors with Encoders.  For use at  from 3 VDC to 24 VDC.  Amplifiers, Controllers and related items for Serious Hobbyists and Amateur Engineers
05 Jan '09
This family of small DC motors uses simple 2 phase incremental encoders to control the speed of the motor and determining the distance it has travelled.  All the motors run at between 3 and 24 volts and most of the motors draw less than 3 amps at rest (This is normally referred to as the stall current and is usually the highest current the motor will draw).  Controller for these motors should be able to provide a continuous current of 3 amps and very short bursts of 6 amps.  Most of these motors have been selected to match the properties of the LMD18200 H bridge integrated circuit manufactured by National Semiconductor and the amplifier designs based on this integrated circuit. Some low voltage motors can draw more current and will need larger drivers.

All computers, microprocessors and microcontrollers can control the motor controllers directly  with TTL level signals without the need for intermediate signal processing (resistors, gates etc).

All controllers in turn can be connected directly to the motor amplifers and the amplifiers in turn can be connected directly to DC and stepper motors.

All for an installation that can be as painless as possible. 

Amplifiers for DC motorsThe Model 100 now available
Controllers for stepper motors have not yet been released.
EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
An offering of well engineered motors, amplifiers and controllers that you can actually use and troubleshoot without any special skill tools and/or facilities.  Designed specifically for the serious hobbyist and amateur engineers interested in the accurate control of encoded  incremental motion with small computers and microcontrollers.

The resource you have been looking for if you are a serious robot or CNC hobbyist or engineer looking for inexpensive encoded motors that will allow you to have the precise control you need at a price that you can afford.

Value for your money.
Ease of use.
Ruggedness of design.
Products you can experiment  with without destroying them!
Helping you to run small optically encoded DC Motors with computers and microcontrollers.
None of these photographs show actual product for sale.   These are general interest  photographs that were taken by me as the research progressed and I discovered what needed to be done to make these encoded motors and as I discovered what was available and what was not in the way of motors and encoders.  

Most all of the encoders and modifications that you see were hand made by me in my shop. I was finding out what needed to be done to make small inexpensive DC motors with encoders attached so you can build exquisitely fast and accurate motion based devices like killer small, even tiny, robots and sophisticated CNC machines.

The motor with the gearbox is the definitive choice for small CNC machines and larger robots.  It is also suitable for 2 wheeled balancing robots..
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EncoderGeek reserves the right to modify or discontinue any product at any time without giving notice.