Picture index of products available.  Small DC motors and the stuff for controlling and managing them with computers and microcontrollers.
05 Jan '10
Large 12vdc motor
with 20 hole encoder
Connector kit
Large 12vdc motor
Large 12vdc motor
with  belt box and 1/4 inch shaft  Reduction is 14 to 48 teeth to almost 4 to 1 for good powerful 500 rpm operation under load
View of inside of belt arrangement.  Output shaft is on ball bearings and will drive a 1/4 inch lead screw with ease.  Output shaft is free machining steel and can be positioned as desired.

Large 12vdc motor
Large 12vdc motor
Xavien Amplfier/Driver
Small Motor
Encoder assembly front
Small and large motors
Encoder assembly back
Encoder disks
EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
M-100 Controller
M-50 Controller in process
Small  motors