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02 July '11
The following errors in the book are noted:

Page 13. Figure 2-3
The LED in the figure is shown backwards. Either reverse the connection or tie the cathode to ground rather than 5 VDC as shown.

Page 31.  Notes on the first program
First bullet should read "We do not..." instead of "If we do not..."

Page 81.  Figure 10-2
Figure should be labeled "LED wiring without a buffer"

Page 102.  Figure 14-1
The LCD and the wiring to it need to be shown all the way to the right. 
See Figures 13-3 and 25-4

Page 103
In table 14-2: The pinning of the Propeller lines 16 and 18 is in reversed.
In program 14-1: the schematic shows pin 18 as RS and 16 as E but in the program these two are switched.

Page 114
Figure 16-1  The capacitor value is shown as 0.1 mfd rather than 10 mfd

Page 126.  Figure 16-10. 
The LED in the figure is shown backwards. Either reverse the connection or tie the cathode to ground rather than 5 VDC as shown.  Label Pot as  5 to 20K.

Page 135.   Figure 17-1
Label Pot as 5 to 20K.

Page 160.  Figure20-1
The speaker should be on line 25.
Two resistors and two LEDs need to be added to lines 26 and 27.  You can go through a buffer for best results .  Match resistors to the voltage used. 100 ohms  w/o buffer and 220/470 ohms with buffer.

Page 222.  Figure 25-4
Rotate figure 90 degrees clockwise

Page 120...
The following corrections are reported to
Chapter 16 Prog 03
All the code in this program is in SPIN
This program reads channel 0 of the MCP3202 and displays the results
on the LCD both as a decimal value and as a binary value so that you
can see the bits flip as you turn the potentiometer.
The 3202 chip is connected as follows:
1 Chip select                                                             P[19] instead of 21
2 Channel 0 for voltage input from Pot                    Pot wiper
3 Channel 1 for voltage input from Pot, not used     Ground it
4 Ground Vss                                                            Ground
5 Data into 3202 for setup                                         P[22] instead of 19
6 Data out from 3202 to be read into Propeller        P[21] instead of 22
7 Clock to read in the data                                       P[20]
8 Power 5 volts Vdd                                                 5 volts

Appendix B
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2 x 16 LCD display
7 segment display

EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
Support material
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(Not operational yet)
Flat cables, headers
PIC Microcontrollers
Displays 2x16
Signal Generator
PC boards
Amplifier chips

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