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Programmable Signal Generator
This Device is made in the USA by Encodergeek
7 Feb  '09
The Model 1000 Signal Generator by Encodergeek is a programmable signal generating device that allows you to create the signals you often need to create an input for a device that you are designing.  In our case we need to generate all sorts of signals that we will then use to control the motors we are interested in.  The signals are fed into the motor controllers or whatever we have in mind.

Commonly needed signals are
     a  voltage of 0-5V (requires external circuitry)
     an R/C servo signal
     a PWM signal
     a frequency
     a pulse length

All of the above and still other signals can be generated by the signal generator, limited only by your imagination and your programming skills.  Complicated signal sequences can be generated as can tone sequences and alphanumeric commands.


10 pin programming connector
3 pin output, Ground, Power and Signal
5x2 jumper pins for program selections
3 LEDs for output verifications
Power LED
Potentiometer and knob
Project box
2.1mm, center positive power input connection
Onboard 5 volt regulation for power supply
Based on a PIC 16F819 Mcrocontroller
Programmable in PIC BASIC by MeLabs Inc and in other languages

Generator comes with a program that provides signals equal to those generated for an R/C servo by a hobby radio contol receiver/transmitter system.

$45.00 each                             Kit $38.00 each