My goal here is to provide you with the absolutely cheapest motor amplifier that you can find anywhere on the web.

If you need an absolutely minmal amplifier to run your motor, this is the answer.  This amplifier is based on one or two LMD 18200 chips.  These integrated circuits  will provide up to 3 amps at 55 volts and will run almost any small motor you are likely to see on the hobbyist workbench.

To keep costs minimal these units are provided as kits only.

One Amp Kit $21.00                              Two Amp Kit $32.00
Extra LMD 18200s  $15.00 each
EncoderGeek / EncoderGeek
Simple Amplifier.  For DC motors up to 3 amps at 55 VDC
This Controller is made in the USA by Encodergeek
7 Feb  '09

Two amp is shown assembled