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Motor Drivers (are also called amplifiers)
02 July '11
“XDDCMD-1”: The “XDDCMD-1” is a dual DC motor driver designed for driving motors rated at +12V to +55V at up to 3A continous (6A PEAK) per motor. The simple interface and control options allow the "XDDCMD-1" to easily be integrated into your next design that requires the drive of 1 or 2 DC motors. The units also has a "THERMAL FLAG" option as well as a "CURRENT SENSE" line for monitoring each motor. The control lines are TTL / CMOS ready for direct interface to your favorite microcontroller.
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The Xavien Amplifier is no longer available
Minimal amplifier.

Requests for a less expensive minimal amplifier have been answered by making the amplifier shown alongside available as a kit.  All but the absolutely needed components have been eliminated. Connections to the board are made by soldering directly to the board. The board will run two DC motors or one bipollar stepper motor. If you need to run at the limits, add heat sinks to the chips.

Operation is the same as the above amplifier.

$32.00 each.

My review/notes:  I use this driver for all my experiments with servo and stepper motors and for pre shipping testing purposes on all customer motors.

It is a great little amplifier /driver and is just right for running all the motors that I provide.  It does not provide any intelligence other than automatic shut down on overheat.  The intelligence is provided by the microcontroller that you program to run this driver. 

It will run two DC motors or one four wire stepper motor with ease.  It is very easy to control. Needs TTL level signals.

It needs the following 5 wires for one motor (Half the driver)
   PWM signal
   Brake or enable signal
   Direction signal
   Positive power (12 volts to 55 volts at up to 3 amps)
   Ground for power and logic.

New design replace the unavailable Xavien for now  .(Steve is out of country.)
I have had to replace the Xavien amplifier with my own improved design.  It uses the same chips and has terminals for all connections.  Same specs. Same price. I have Steve's permission to make the replacement..